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Are travel nursing assignments always 13 weeks in length?

13 weeks is the travel nursing industry standard, but with ioofi you can often choose 4- to 26-week assignments. Periodically, 52-week assignments are available.

How is your benefits plan better?

Our medical insurance, dental and vision are the best in the travel nurse staffing industry. Your insurance coverage starts on day one. Moreover, we offer additional benefits and bonuses for your travel nurse career. See Day One Benefits for details.

What is a full-time schedule for an ioofi travel nurse?

A full-time schedule is defined as 36 to 40 hours per week and can be completed as either three 12-hour shifts, five 8-hour shifts, or our 10-hour shifts.

How many state licenses will I need as a travel nurse?

You must have a current nursing license in the state of your assignment. ioofi will assist you with the licensing process and reimburse the full amount of the licensing application fee.  The average time to obtain a license is about 10 weeks. Moreover, you will be happy to know that 24 states mutually recognize and accept the nursing licenses of each of the other states.

What type of hospitals or offices will I work at as a travel nurse?

For your travel nursing needs ioofi has a variety of opportunities. This may vary from large to small hospitals, major metro areas to rural communities. You will have the chance to work at top teaching facilities. With travel nursing, choosing a fast-paced lifestyle or a quiet, peaceful environment is as simple as discussing your preferences with your ioofi recruiter.

What determines a travel nursing pay rate?

Depended on experience and skills. Pay rates vary with the cost of living for the area. At ioofi our recruiters are there to tailor your compensation package and assist you with tax savings. You will often find travel nurse hourly rates are higher than staff nurse rates due to shift differential, weekend differential, and charge pay.

What are the requirements for becoming an ioofi travel nurse?

All ioofi travel nurses must be legally able to work in the United States and available to begin assignments on specified dates and times. It will be of great benefit if you have one year of clinical nursing experience and one year of experience in your specialty.

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